Thank the DEP for Moving on New Health Protections to Reduce Leaks from Natural Gas Facilities—and Ask to Make the Protections as Strong as Possible

From the Clean Air Council ( In a time when all news about the environment seems to be bad, we are excited to share some good news with you: After over two years of advocacy by Pennsylvania residents like you, … Continued

Pennsylvania Council of Churches Condemns Violence and Vandalism Against Jewish and Muslim Communities

The Pennsylvania Council of Churches is deeply saddened and condemns the violence and vandalism aimed at our Jewish and Muslim brothers and sisters. We grieve the hate and fear that provokes a fear of the “other”—persons who are different—and leads … Continued

Health Professionals Urge Halt to Attacks on Clean-Air Protections

Posted at February 28, 2017 – Andrea Sears, Public News Service (PA) Play Audio in Browser Window Methane leaks can occur at every step, from the well to the consumer. (Tim Evanson/ PITTSBURGH – Forty-thousand doctors, nurses and public-health … Continued

Take Action on PA Gun Safety Legislation

From UUPLAN ( Please contact your PA State Senator about one good bill, plus one bad proposal that are circulating. Find your Senator at SUPPORT- SB 209 – is the bill to close the loophole concerning background checks for … Continued

Meet the Math Professor Who’s Fighting Gerrymandering With Geometry

By Shannon Najmabadi February 22, 2017 Chronicle of Higher Education Moon Duchin, of Tufts U., has helped create a program to train mathematicians to serve as expert witnesses in court cases over redrawn electoral districts. (Tufts U.) A Tufts University professor … Continued

Leaked Draft of ACA Replacement Reveals Massive Cuts to Subsidies, Medicaid

Posted at Published on Friday, February 24, 2017 by Common Dreams Just as polls reveal Obamacare and Medicaid expansion are more popular than ever, GOP moves closer to slashing subsidies and raising taxpayer costs—adding fuel to brewing protests nationwide … Continued

When Police Arrest Children

 Photo from Steven Lane of The Associated Press. From Harold Jordan, ACLU-PA Senior Policy Advocate One of the issues that the ACLU has been working on diligently, for years, has been student and youth rights. This week, NBC News aired a series of reports … Continued

What is the School to Prison Pipeline—and What are Some Solutions?

This is a guest blog from Education Voters of PA. The school to prison pipeline is a system of policies and practices that pushes children out of school and into the criminal justice system. This system prioritizes incarceration and punishment … Continued