Legislators Target a Severance Tax – in Name Only

Posted at https://www.pennfuture.org/Blog-Item-Legislators-Target-a-Severance-Tax-in-Name-Only July 26, 2017 by Matt Stepp, Director of Policy Over the last few weeks, state legislators have prioritized raiding conservation funds and cutting environmental protection agencies under the guise of getting serious about balancing the budget. This was no more evident … Continued

PennFuture Statement: Budget Deal Prioritizes Gas Industry

Posted at https://www.pennfuture.org/News-PennFuture-Statement-Budget-Deal-Prioritizes-Gas-Industry July 27, 2017; HARRISBURG, PA – PennFuture strongly opposes the budget deal passed by the Senate today, which takes environmental protection away from statewide watchdogs and places regulatory power into the hands of the oil and gas … Continued

End To Limits Placed On Congressional Oversight?

Posted at http://www.pogo.org/blog/2017/07/end-to-limits-placed-on-congressional-oversight.html July 28, 2017 (Photo: Gage Skidmore / Flickr) A new and dangerous assertion by the Department of Justice Office of Legal Counsel (OLC) regarding the duty of agencies in responding to Congress may be coming to an end. Senate Judiciary Chairman … Continued

A Bipartisan Revenue Plan but No End in Sight

From the Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Center (http://www.pennbpc.org): Jeff Garis, Outreach and Engagement Director for the PA Budget and Policy Center, joins this podcast (https://soundcloud.com/pbpc_podcast/episode-53-a-bipartisan-revenue-plan-but-no-end-in-sight-jeff-garis) to talk about the (very late) PA budget, the bipartisan revenue package passed out of … Continued