Tell Congress: Pass Emergency Aid for Hurricane Maria Victims in Puerto and the US Virgin Islands

From Moms Rising ( 143 hours. That’s how much time I spent without electricity after Hurricane Irma hit Central Florida. We had a generator and could run to the gas station whenever it needed gas, though. We also had cases … Continued

Tell PA Legislators to Stop Using Standardized Tests as Main Measure of Public Schools

From Education Voters of Pennsylvania ( Pennsylvania has a once-in-a-generation opportunity to reduce the emphasis on standardized testing in our children’s public schools. Unfortunately, and predictably, some PA lawmakers are fighting against this. Go to to tell state lawmakers … Continued

Join Turn It Right-Side Up Campaign to Advocate for Bipartisan, Deficit-Neutral Tax Plan

From Prosperity Now ( After months of speculation, the Trump Administration, along with Congressional Republicans, today released a plan for overhauling America’s tax code—the first of such in several decades. What’s being lauded today as “tax reform” is little more … Continued

Tell Congress: De-Escalate the North Korea Nuclear Crisis NOW!

From the Coalition for Peace Action ( President Trump’s UN speech threatening the “total destruction” of North Korea has led to a dramatic escalation of cascading tensions and counter-threats. North Korea subsequently has threatened to do an atmospheric H-Bomb test … Continued

Without State Budget, Public Schools Face Cuts of $1 Billion—Tell PA Legislators to Pass a Budget

From the Campaign for Fair Education Funding ( Unless our state leaders take action to fund the state budget, our public schools could be facing cuts of nearly $1 billion.  The legislature passed budget this summer but not a revenue … Continued

PA Voters Favor Closing Clean Indoor Air Loopholes

Posted at September 27, 2017 – Andrea Sears, Public News Service (PA) Play Audio in Browser Window Even 37 percent of smokers in Pennsylvania told pollsters they’d favor smoke-free workplace laws. (StockSnap/Pixabay) HARRISBURG, Pa. – More than two-thirds of … Continued

Amazon Wish List for Berks Detention Center Families

Parents and children detained at the Berks County Residential Center don’t have much. They are asking for help in getting both necessary items and some fun things for the kids. Consider visiting the wish list at Amazon at brightening … Continued