Act to Stop Cuts to Diplomacy and Global Development

From the U.S. Global Leadership Coalition (

Just last week the Administration proposed a budget that would slash America’s diplomacy and global development programs by 31% – draconian cuts that would bring our civilian forces to levels not seen since 9/11!

But your voice can stop these dangerous cuts, cuts that will make America less safe – which is why your help is needed. This week, the decision-making shifts to Capitol Hill and as a constituent of Pennsylvania, your voice counts – it really counts!

We’ve made it super easy: Just click to call both your Senators and your Representative and urge them to support strong resources for the State Department and USAID – and to oppose these dramatic cuts.

While we understand that every department in the government can use a haircut, the danger of cutting one-third of our civilian forces at a time of such extreme global threats, famines of historic proportions, and a refugee crisis not seen since World War II is unimaginable. That’s why our military leaders are the first to say that hard power alone will not keep America safe.

This is really a crucial moment to let our elected leaders know where we stand when it comes to America’s global leadership. Your voice will make a world of difference.

This threat is serious – so an early thank you!

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