Add Your Voice to Stop Arctic Drilling

From the Alaska Wilderness League (

The Trump administration just released an outrageous proposal to open nearly all public coastal waters, including the Arctic, to oil drilling.

Ignoring the growing risks of climate disaster, Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke’s five-year Outer Continental Shelf proposal radically expands offshore drilling in Alaska, including not just the Arctic Ocean but areas critical to marine life and traditional uses. In addition, it threatens our wildlife, coastal communities and visitors in the eastern Gulf of Mexico, the Atlantic and Pacific oceans with catastrophic oil spills and the collapse of coastal jobs and economies.

Please speak out against this plan by submitting an official public comment at!

The proposed offshore plan even illegally attempts to open to drilling Arctic waters you successfully fought to permanently protect in 2016. This new Arctic assault comes just days after President Trump signed a bill to open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to development and offered half of the western Arctic up to the oil and gas industry in a single lease sale.

To keep the Arctic, marine wildlife, your livelihoods, favorite vacation spots and even local waters safe from disastrous oil spills, you must speak out now. Coastal governors and other politicians from both parties, as well as native tribes, businesses and countless communities are already gearing up and speaking out against the plan.

Please add your voice to strengthen the resistance – this is the first step in what will be a long but crucial battle for our public waters.

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