Ahistorical and Wrong–on Police Body Cameras and Other Things

  Are police body cameras designed to scrutinize police work? Photo via Utility, Inc. By Matt Stroud, Criminal justice researcher, ACLU of Pennsylvania I thought I’d misheard him. At a Duquesne University conference on a Friday afternoon in late January, John … Continued

Call on the Attorney General to Publicly Stand for Full Restoration of the Voting Rights Act

Please add your name to an open letter calling on Attorney General Jeff Sessions to take a public stand for the full restoration of the Voting Rights Act at https://action.groundswell-mvmt.org/petitions/open-letter-to-attorney-general-sessions-join-us-in-selma-on-the-right-side-of-history. We are coming up on the 52nd Anniversary of Bloody … Continued

No Quick or Easy Remedy–Forfeiture Rules

Pennsylvania’s Controlled Substances Forfeiture Act allow all seized assets to go directly to the offices of prosecutors. The ACLU-PA found that prosecutors overwhelmingly target disadvantaged individuals without the means to fight the forfeiture in court. Photo from Occupy.com. From Molly Tack-Hooper, Staff Attorney, … Continued

Pennsylvania Council of Churches Condemns Violence and Vandalism Against Jewish and Muslim Communities

The Pennsylvania Council of Churches is deeply saddened and condemns the violence and vandalism aimed at our Jewish and Muslim brothers and sisters. We grieve the hate and fear that provokes a fear of the “other”—persons who are different—and leads … Continued

When Police Arrest Children

 Photo from Steven Lane of The Associated Press. From Harold Jordan, ACLU-PA Senior Policy Advocate One of the issues that the ACLU has been working on diligently, for years, has been student and youth rights. This week, NBC News aired a series of reports … Continued

National Council of Churches’ Statement on Anti-Semitic Incidents

From the National Council of Churches (http://www.ncccusa.org): WASHINGTON: The National Council of Churches denounces recent anti-Semitic incidents and condemns rhetoric that has fueled such acts. We stand firmly with our Jewish brothers and sisters during this difficult time. As a … Continued

What to Talk About With Your Members of Congress on Recess

This week, your Members of Congress (MoCs) don’t have votes and committee hearings. This is a great opportunity to ask them the big picture questions—and to try to get them to commit to an answer—so we’ve outlined four major topics … Continued

Practicing Civic Courage in Our Time

Posted at https://www.everyday-democracy.org/news/practicing-civic-courage-age-civic-anxiety Author: Martha McCoy February 14, 2017 The day after the election, we shared a piece by our board member Peter Levine, in which he called for civic courage. As division, uncertainty, and anxiety continue to grow, I find … Continued

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