Policing for Profit–Civil Asset Forfeiture

A New Pa. Senate Bill would do nothing to reform civil asset forfeiture practices. Photo via Occupy.com. By Andy Hoover, Communications Director, American Civil Liberties Union of Pennsylvania In the coming days or weeks, you may hear about the Pennsylvania … Continued

How Criminalization Impacts Black Women and Girls

From the Sentencing Project (http://www.sentencingproject.org): A January report by the Office on Violence Against Women at the Department of Justice summarizes key points and recommendations from a meeting of survivors, scholars, and activists examining how criminalization impacts the lives of black … Continued

Examining Racial Disparity in Exonerations

From the Sentencing Project (http://www.sentencingproject.org): “There is no single explanation” for the racial disparity in exonerations, according to a recent report by the National Registry of Exonerations, covered by CNN. African Americans constituted 47% of the 1,900 exonerations listed in … Continued

Speaking Out in Pennsylvania

We invite you to support this very important ministry! Please consider making a generous contribution at https://www.pachurches.org/shop/ (you may also make this a recurring contribution). March 30, 2017 – By Diana Williams MCC photo/Diana Williams Rev. Sandra Strauss, Director of Advocacy & Ecumenical … Continued

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