Tell PA’s Senators: Vote NO on Budget that Slashes Human Needs Programs to Cover Tax Cuts for the Rich

From the Coalition on Human Needs ( The Senate will vote on a budget next week that has only one purpose: to tee up massive tax cuts for the rich and corporations. Please send emails to your Senators to say: … Continued

Call-in Days to Urge NO Vote on FY 2018 House Federal Budget Resolution

From the Food Research and Action Center ( Call Your Representative NOW! Dial 202-225-3121 for the Capitol Switchboard, or call directly—find contact information at On October 5, House leaders will have a floor vote on the FY 2018 House … Continued

Urge Congress to Vote “No” on FY 2018 Federal Budget Resolutions

From the Food Research and Action Center ( Act Now to oppose FY 2018 Federal Budget Resolutions at! House leadership continues to conduct a “whip count” (canvassing Republican Members on their vote) on the FY 2018 House Budget Resolution, … Continued

Call PA Senators to Support Amendments to the National Defense Authorization Act

From Peace Action ( The Senate is debating their version of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) right now. The NDAA is a massive, $700 billion spending bill that authorizes an excessive and wasteful amount of money on the Pentagon. … Continued

Tell Congress: No Tax Cuts that Help Wealthy People and Corporations at the Expense of Struggling Persons and Families

From People Demanding Action ( Washington has begun a historic―and disastrous―debate. Donald Trump and Republican leaders in Congress want to enact massive tax cuts that will mostly benefit millionaires and billionaires and wealthy corporations paid for by deep budget cuts … Continued

Status Report—International Affairs Budget

From Oxfam America ( Last week, the Senate Appropriations Committee and the full House of Representatives voted on spending bills to fund international anti-poverty programs. As you know, Oxfam and our allies have been pushing against cuts to the most … Continued

Tell Congress: No Cuts to Programs that Help Communities Prepare for and Respond to Disasters

From the Union of Concerned Scientists ( As communities across Texas and Louisiana begin dealing with the devastating impacts of Hurricane Harvey and the overwhelming task of cleaning up and rebuilding—many people are wondering, how will we pay for this? … Continued

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