On the Governor’s Plan to Securitize PLCB Profits

HARRISBURG – Marc Stier, Director of the PA Budget and Policy Center, made the following statement after the release of the Governor’s plan to securitize PLCB profits. “As he recognizes, Governor Wolf’s plan to borrow $1.2 billion on the basis … Continued

Without State Budget, Public Schools Face Cuts of $1 Billion—Tell PA Legislators to Pass a Budget

From the Campaign for Fair Education Funding (http://fairfundingpa.org/): Unless our state leaders take action to fund the state budget, our public schools could be facing cuts of nearly $1 billion.  The legislature passed budget this summer but not a revenue … Continued

PA Faith Leaders Speak Out on Environmental Loopholes

Posted at http://www.publicnewsservice.org/2017-09-25/energy-policy/pa-faith-leaders-speak-out-on-environmental-loopholes/a59541-1 September 25, 2017 – Mary Kuhlman, Public News Service (PA) Play Audio in Browser Window Some faith groups say a state budget measure would threaten Pennsylvania’s environment and health.<br />(Hamed Saber/Flickr) HARRISBURG, Pa. — Some Pennsylvania faith … Continued

Tell Your Representative: Support a Clean PA Budget that Protects Our Environment

From PennFuture (http://www.pennfuture.org): Deadlock over the state budget continues in Harrisburg and without your help, a clean healthy environment could be sacrificed as part of the deal. Just this week, the Senate rejected HB 453, an ill-conceived plan by the House … Continued

Budget Impasse Called Man-Made Disaster for Schools

Posted at http://www.publicnewsservice.org/2017-09-14/education/budget-impasse-called-man-made-disaster-for-schools/a59426-1 September 14, 2017 – Andrea Sears, Public News Service (PA) Play Audio in Browser Window If a revenue bill is not passed by Friday, school funding may be cut by $1 billion. (12019/Pixabay) HARRISBURG, Pa. — While … Continued

Pa. House Sends Senate Hotly Contested Revenue Plan

Posted at http://philadelphia.cbslocal.com/2017/09/13/pa-house-sends-senate-hotly-contested-revenue-plan/ KYW 1060AM Philadelphia, 9/13/2017 Voting mostly along party lines, the state House has passed a controversial, Republican-crafted revenue plan to pay for PA’s already-enacted budget without significant tax increases. The revenue plan involves the use of what … Continued

Environmentalists Ask House to Reject Budget Riders

Posted at http://www.publicnewsservice.org/2017-09-13/environment/environmentalists-ask-house-to-reject-budget-riders/a59415-1 September 13, 2017 – Andrea Sears, Public News Service (PA) Play Audio in Browser Window Groups say riders to the Senate budget bill would put air, water and health at risk. (Jared Kofsky/Wikimedia Commons) HARRISBURG, Pa. – … Continued

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