Tell Congress: Take Back Authority to Debate and Vote on Authorizing War

From Peace Action ( Urge you members of Congress to cosponsor legislation blocking funding for a preemptive strike on North Korea. Have you been seeing these headlines? Washington Post: Can Anyone Stop Trump From Attacking North Korea? [1] The Nation: … Continued

Tell Congress: Uphold the Iran Nuclear Agreement

From Peace Action ( Urge your Members of Congress to oppose sanctions that would kill the Iran nuclear deal! Take action now at! As you may have heard, President Trump announced his plan to “decertify” the Iran nuclear agreement. … Continued

Defend Iran Nuclear Deal; Support Diplomacy with North Korea

From Peace Action ( Urge Congress to speak up! Defend the Iran nuclear deal and support diplomacy with North Korea Things are getting serious. As President Trump continues insulting and threatening North Korea, undermining hopes for diplomacy and increasing the … Continued

Tell Congress: De-Escalate the North Korea Nuclear Crisis NOW!

From the Coalition for Peace Action ( President Trump’s UN speech threatening the “total destruction” of North Korea has led to a dramatic escalation of cascading tensions and counter-threats. North Korea subsequently has threatened to do an atmospheric H-Bomb test … Continued

Police Access to Military Equipment Needs More Oversight, Not Less

From the Project on Government Oversight ( August 28, 2017 Police forces fire tear gas grenades from an armored vehicle in Ferguson, MO, August 17, 2014. (Photo: loavesofbread / Wikimedia Commons) The Trump administration is removing restrictions–including important oversight measures–on a program that puts … Continued