PA’s Choice—Protecting the Right to Clean Air and Water

From the Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Center ( PA’s Choice latest “budget stories” video is now online., The video focuses on the importance of adequately funding the protection of our air & water, specifically funding for the state Department of … Continued

Trump Administration Considering ‘Back-Door Way’ to Cut Social Security

Posted at Published on Tuesday, April 11, 2017 by Common Dreams ‘If Trump proposes this Trojan horse, it would be the newest shot in the ongoing Republican war against Social Security’ By Deirdre Fulton, staff writer Social Security Works … Continued

Who Pays for School Property Tax Elimination?

Posted at By Mark Price An analysis of school property tax burdens in Pennsylvania Executive Summary Far from providing relief for working families, recent proposals to eliminate school property taxes in Pennsylvania would increase taxes on the middle class … Continued

Trump Wrongly Claims Corporate Taxes Are Too High

Posted at By Lecia Imbery March 28, 2017 President Trump’s address to Congress last month gave us in the human needs community much to smack our heads about. As CHN’s Debbie Weinstein noted in this piece about Trump’s false promises, he promised … Continued

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