More Smoke and Mirrors on Property Taxes from Harrisburg

From Education Voters of Pennsylvania ( On November 7, 2017, Pennsylvania voters will find a proposed amendment to the PA Constitution, Joint Resolution 1, on their ballots. It reads: Shall the Pennsylvania Constitution be amended to permit the General Assembly to … Continued

IMF Says Higher Taxes for Wealthy Good Idea. And These Billionaires Agree.

Posted at Published on Thursday, October 12, 2017 by Common Dreams A more progressive tax code, says International Monetary Fund, would both significantly reduce inequality and help grow the economy By Jake Johnson, staff writer “Three decades of data … Continued

‘They’re Going to be Sailing Off Into the Horizon, Laughing All the Way’

Posted at By David Elliot October 11, 2017 Kelly Conklin and his spouse, Kip, are the co-owners of a custom woodworking business in Bloomfield, New Jersey.  They’ve owned the business since 1978, and employ 16 well-paid workers.  Now they view … Continued

Put Children and Families First—Not Tax Cuts: Sign the Petition

From the Every Child Matters Education Fund ( I know we have one thing in common: we both want children to be a priority when it comes to federal, state, and local policies. Unfortunately, some recent Trump administration actions don’t … Continued

GOP-Trump Tax Plan: A Windfall for Top 1% of Pennsylvania, a Tax Increase for Many Middle Class Pennsylvanians

From the Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Center ( A 50-state analysis of the GOP tax framework reveals that in Pennsylvania, the top 1 percent of taxpayers would receive a substantial tax cut worth $67, 970 while many upper middle class … Continued

Non-Partisan Analysis Finds Trump Tax Plan Primarily Rewards Top 1%

Posted at Published on Friday, September 29, 2017 The plan would also raise taxes for many middle class families, a fact Americans for Tax Fairness denounced as “absolutely outrageous” By Jake Johnson, staff writer “It is absolutely outrageous that … Continued

Join Turn It Right-Side Up Campaign to Advocate for Bipartisan, Deficit-Neutral Tax Plan

From Prosperity Now ( After months of speculation, the Trump Administration, along with Congressional Republicans, today released a plan for overhauling America’s tax code—the first of such in several decades. What’s being lauded today as “tax reform” is little more … Continued

Tell Congress: No Tax Cuts that Help Wealthy People and Corporations at the Expense of Struggling Persons and Families

From People Demanding Action ( Washington has begun a historic―and disastrous―debate. Donald Trump and Republican leaders in Congress want to enact massive tax cuts that will mostly benefit millionaires and billionaires and wealthy corporations paid for by deep budget cuts … Continued

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