Sign Petition to Protect Workers’ Right to Organize

From the Economic Policy Institute ( For decades, our right to collectively negotiate a fair return on our work has been under attack. Whether it is so-called “right-to-work” laws, or legal attempts to undermine collective bargaining rights―corporate lobbyists seek to … Continued

Workers’ Health, Safety, and Pay Are Casualties in Trump’s War on Regulations

From the Economic Policy Institute ( In his first year, President Trump—with the help of Congress—launched an unprecedented attack on regulations, rolling back or delaying countless rules protecting workers. A report from EPI’s Perkins Project on Worker Rights and Wages … Continued

Withdraw the Rule. Protect Tipped Workers—Share Your Comment by Feb. 5

Posted at By David Elliot February 1, 2018 Back in December, Voices for Human Needs reported on a proposal that would make workers’ tips the property of employers, which would harm an already vulnerable workforce made up mostly of women and, disproportionately, of … Continued

Wolf Plans to Give More Workers Overtime Pay

Posted at January 19, 2018 – Andrea Sears, Public News Service (PA) Play Audio in Browser Window Assistant managers in fast food restaurants may work 60 hours, but many get no overtime pay. (Staff Sgt. Kevin Iinuma/US Air Force … Continued