Director – Refugee Council USA

September 8, 2017

Refugee Council USA (RCUSA) is a coalition of 25 nongovernmental organizations dedicated to refugee protection, welcome and excellence in the U.S. refugee resettlement program.

Since 1980 the United States has provided a safe haven for almost 3 million refugees fleeing conflict, violence and natural disaster.

Whereas the world is facing the greatest refugee crisis in decades and refugee resettlement and protection have become politicized and polarizing issues, the role of RCUSA to advocate for bipartisan US leadership on behalf of refugees and to secure a robust US resettlement and protection program has become more important than ever.

To lead RCUSA through this challenging environment, the Coalition is looking for a passionate and visionary leader who will work with the 25 member organizations to develop and implement strategies that best protect and serve refugees and that help restore a positive national discourse about refugees and refugee resettlement.

The ideal candidate will have ample experience in government advocacy at the federal and/or state levels, is a gifted communicator and has proven interpersonal and management skills, notably in leading a member-driven coalition.

As one of the key external representatives of RCUSA, the Director is expected to expand the important role of the Council as a leading advocate and thought leader on refugee issues in the United States and within the international community.

Reporting Relationship

(Elected) Chair of the RCUSA’s General Council

Position Objective

  • Provide leadership with the General Council to ensure that RCUSA’s overarching goals are met.
  • Ensure that the development and implementation of the Coalition’s strategic priorities are effectively and efficiently managed.
  • Create and strengthen consensus and collaboration among General Council members  and foster active member participation in RCUSA activities
  • Provide stewardship for and expand the base of RCUSA’s financial resources consisting of membership and private contributions.
  • Preserve and expand the thought leadership role of RCUSA and her members on refugee resettlement and protection issues.

Duties and Responsibilities

Management & Organization

As the most senior staff member of RCUSA the Director will;

  • Lead the overall work of the Council carried out through staff (currently 2FTE), committees, task forces, and working groups.
  • Supervise the work of RCUSA’s Associate Director who ensures that all of RCUSA’s committees’ work is coordinated and information about this work is shared with members.
  • Work in close partnership with the General Council, Committee Chairs, and the Associate Director to help facilitate RCUSA’s decision making processes and build consensus and collaboration among members on priority issues across different levels of RCUSA.
  • Lead the implementation of RCUSA’s strategic work plan on a day-to-day basis.
  • In collaboration with the Chair and supported by Committee chairs provide active leadership to the Council, setting RCUSA’s agenda, supporting strong communication among members, making connections between members, and encouraging high levels of collaboration and participation by all members.
  • Provide strategic oversight to RCUSA’s sub-committees.
  • Supervise RCUSA’s state and grassroots advocacy work in Texas ( in FY 2018 to be expanded to two more states)
  • Facilitate regular and consistent consultation with members to solicit input on issues of relevance to RCUSA’s work and incorporate feedback into relevant documents and positions.
  • Maintain records of RCUSA deliberations and decisions and disseminate information pertinent to the work of RCUSA to its members and related bodies and organizations.
  • Facilitate communication and collaboration between RCUSA and international bodies such as the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees, the International Organization for Migration, and the International Council of Voluntary Agencies, as well as refugee councils in other parts of the world and U.S. based coalitions such as InterAction.
  • Oversee the administrative functions of RCUSA, including supervision and coordination of staff and consultants, oversight of the budget and proper administration of the finances of the Council; generally ensure that the business of RCUSA proceeds according to established policies and practices adopted by RCUSA.

External representation & partnerships

  • As external face of RCUSA, the Director will, in collaboration with the Chair of the Council
  • Represent RCUSA at meetings and conferences.
  • Foster relationships with new external partners and serve as the RCUSA’s primary point of contact with  external partners
  • Lead the coordination of RCUSA’s messaging and communications strategy, including overall management of RCUSA’s social media presence; responding to media inquiries; and/or, ensuring that media inquiries are shared with the appropriate RCUSA members.
  • Develop and foster relationships with funders and other supporters,
  • Prepare grant proposals, in consultation with the Chair and General Council; manage the implementation of the RCUSA funded programs; and, draft reports to funders.
  • Facilitate communication, exchange of information, and collaboration between RCUSA and other nongovernmental organizations and coalitions that share the goals and objectives of RCUSA.
  • Facilitate communication and foster collaboration with federal and state partners whose programs and policies relate to the mission of RCUSA.
  • Promote and advance the work of RCUSA  by supporting outreach to potential new members and overseeing the new member recruitment process
  • Perform other job-related duties as assigned.

Thought Leadership

  • Monitor developments nationally and internationally in the refugee protection and related fields and suggest possible actions which might be taken by RCUSA and her members in light of these developments.
  • Produce and/or assist with the production of documents and publications pertaining to the work of RCUSA, in collaboration with the Committee or working group originating the document, and ensure that RCUSA documents are properly reviewed, approved, and disseminated.
  • Oversee the writing and publication of documents establishing RCUSA’s position on issues pertaining to RCUSA priorities, in collaboration with the relevant Committee Chair or working group.
  • Represent the Council at national and international conferences, academic institutions and think tanks; and leverage RCUSA representation by being a catalyst for RCUSA members to provide such representation, as well.


  • Solid, proven work experience in the refugee field, including a good understanding of global refugee protection issues, including U.S. resettlement, overseas assistance, and asylum issues, and familiarity with U.S. government and UN policies and processes.
  • Experience in effectively working with coalitions comprised of diverse membership (including faith based organizations) and a keen understanding and appreciation of the value of coalitions in working toward the achievement of a common mission.
  • Ability to manage multiple tasks with demanding time lines.
  • Effective oral and written communications skills, keeping in view diverse audiences associated with the work of RCUSA.
  • Tact and flexibility in working with the range of organizations and constituencies with which RCUSA and its members interact.
  • Sound judgment and considerable initiative in carrying out the mandate of RCUSA with an ability to work independently as well as in collaboration in fulfilling the various tasks related to RCUSA’s mission.
  • Experience in motivating and managing staff, consultants.
  • Experience in managing grass roots advocacy efforts.
  • Strong interpersonal skills and ability to build a positive collaborative environment with strong member participation to  carry out the mission of RCUSA
  • Experience in successfully & substantially expanding fundraising levels and sources.

To Apply:
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