East Liberty Church Steps Out to Become a Sanctuary Church

What does it take to be a sanctuary church? What is involved?

East Liberty Presbyterian Church in Pittsburgh recently made attempts to become a sanctuary church when one of its worshipers faced legal trouble. It was a leap of faith for the church’s leadership and congregation.

“We are committed to loving all of God’s people without judgment,” said the Rev. Patrice Fowler-Searcy, associate pastor for Mission Ministries at East Liberty. “They were in our midst, a part of our congregation, and so we’re going to support them in spite of the fact of how they got here. They’re here. God doesn’t tell any of us to qualify what we do for God’s people. God just says, ‘Love my people, feed my people, love my people,’ and that’s what we try to do.”

For more on this continuing situation, click here.

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