Contribute to Florida Organizations Offering Hurricane Irma Relief

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Hurricane Irma is one of the biggest storms to ever come out of the Atlantic, and has now affected Floridians up and down the peninsula.

Grassroots organizations are already working to help the most vulnerable communities recover. See the organizations that are involved in the effort at

We know that rebuilding in areas impacted by Irma will be most challenging for historically marginalized communities. Currently, over 3 million Floridians live in poverty, and an estimated 850,000 undocumented immigrants across Florida may be fearful of accessing needed government resources due their immigration status.

Volunteers, community groups, and grassroots leaders are stepping up to ensure that no neighborhood gets left behind in the devastation of Hurricane Irma. We are providing access to critical services as early as possible, including basic needs such as healthcare, housing and transportation, legal representation, and longer term organizing.

Together, we can ensure that organizations on the front lines of improving our communities get the support they need to carry out important Hurricane Irma relief work.

The road to recovery will be long, but with your support, the communities most impacted will have the immediate aid and resources to begin the journey. Donate to the fund today at

We will beat back the mistakes of the past and forge the kind of path forward worthy of the love that we have for our neighbors and neighborhoods.

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