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Elected officials have been using fear of the stranger to ban Muslims and refugees, militarize our borders, and target black and brown immigrants (including children and families) for detention and deportation.

As people of faith and moral consciousness, we recognize the stranger as God and welcome her into our communities as a gift. We know that when we fight for the dignity and respect of immigrants, our neighborhoods are safer, our economy is healthier, and our communities thrive. We will not be silent as our people are detained and deported!

Watch The Gathering: Immigrant Rights are Human Rights at

You can hear the Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II and Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove interview people impacted by political attacks on immigrants, educate us on the history and theology behind this moral issue, and give us action steps to stand with immigrants and refugees at our latest monthly Gathering in North Carolina.

Watch The Gathering livestream recording, or listen to the podcast!

“The Gathering is the place where we put a face on policy, and bring a moral message on why we have to gather, why we have to be reflective, why we have to be renewed, and why we have to engage in resistance as moral agents who have been born for such a time as this,” says Rev. Barber, pres. and sr. lecturer of Repairers of the Breach and newly consecrated bishop by the College of Affirming Bishops.

Listen on your commute, while you’re making dinner, or sit with family and friends around your digital device to hear why immigrant rights are a moral issue, and what you can do to stand in #MoralResistance.

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