Know Your Rights When ICE Comes to Your Door

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Today we’re sharing two things with you. We launched a nation-wide investigation into ICE and we’re sharing new tools to prepare to protect and defend each other against raids.

Last week reporters confirmed and then cancelled rumors of the largest raid ever planned. Regardless of when and where ICE deploys its agents, we already know they’re raiding us on a daily basis.

At every single ICE office in the country, we just filed FOIA requests with Detention Watch Network and the National Immigration Project of the National Lawyers Guild and 50 other groups to expose the corruption and impunity at Trump’s federal deportation force.

At the same time, we’re not waiting for those details to protect ourselves better.

Today, we’re sending you a new “Know Your Rights to Defend Your Rights” book that walks through what to do if ICE comes to your work, your home, or stops you on the street.  

We’re also sharing out an anti-raids graphic pack for organizations to use in your on-going work, in your presentations and on your fliers.

Find the new Know Your Rights Books and Graphics Here

Even under Trump, there are still steps we can take to protect and defend ourselves and our loved ones. We’re sharing lessons from Puente and GLAHR in Arizona, our own experience stopping deportations, and charting a new path in the current situation.

We hope this news and these tools are helpful.

We’ll keep you updated as we confront ICE and its partners under Jeff Sessions at the Department of Justice.

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