Tell Your PA Representation—Oppose Bill Preempting Municipal Gun Ordinances

From CeaseFirePA (

Today is the somber day when we mark the anniversary of one of the worst school shootings in the history of our country, the Columbine High School massacre. 13 people were killed that day and an additional 21 were injured.

But if you think some of the gun-obsessed legislators will pause for a moment or put their guns everywhere for everyone agenda on hold, you’ll be sorely disappointed.

The PA house is taking up the dangerous preemption bill, the one that will let the NRA and other groups sue our towns and cities to remove commonsense gun safety laws. Oh, and of course, they want us taxpayers to pay the bill.

Please email your legislator right now and ask him or her to oppose this bill at

You may already have emailed your senator about this bill, but we need to make sure your house member knows you oppose this as well! We’re going to keep asking you to make your voice heard until we defeat this dangerous bill.

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