Sign Letter to Senator Toomey–Urge Him to Oppose Senate Health Care Proposal

Please join us by signing on to a letter that expresses the following to Senator Toomey:

We have grave concerns about the future of the Medicaid program under current proposals to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. We strongly oppose any legislation that repeals or rolls back the Medicaid expansion or converts Medicaid’s financing through a block grant or per capita cap.

Read the letter (pdf copy) and sign on at

Thank you for your faithful advocacy!

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  1. Maureen Maxwell

    Please look at this bill with an open heart and consider the people in the state of Pa and forget the lobbyist that pay your campaign money. <3

  2. Gregg

    Dear Senator Toomey

    I read your comments in today’s WSJ.
    Do you honestly think your constituency
    believes that reducing the 3% plus tax on investment income got this fearing more than $250,000 is going to create more jobs ? This country has more venture capitalist and corporations with enormous cash balances to fund any new companies

    And since new companies don’t pay much in taxes your point is rather poorly thought out. Not unlike your hero Trump who thinks the 20 trillion dollar Federal deficit was caused by our balance of trade deficit . I always thought the smart guys were the Republicans . That certainly isn’t the case

  3. Linda Roberts

    As a born, raised and faithful church goer, I am appalled at the implications of this version of “healthcare”. It is actually “wealthcare” — opposite of Jesus’ admonition, “take everything you have and give it to the POOR!” Have you forgotten that commandment? “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you!” Please link your faith world to the real world. What would Pope Francis think of this healthCARE? I am pretty certain he would vote NO.

  4. Charlotte Whiting

    This is not a health care bill but a tax bill favoring those wealthy enough to have excellent health care available and depriving those with lesser means with ways of caring for themselves and their families. Charlotte Whiting

  5. Elliott Liverman

    Don’t mess with the AFCA. Find a new way to propose.

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