The State of Children’s Health Care

From Pennsylvania Partnerships for Children ( The State of Children’s Health Care report uses various health indicators to provide a data-driven snapshot of children’s health care in Pennsylvania – its successes, limitations and challenges – to help monitor the impact … Continued

Tell Congress, Trump, and HHS Secretary: Don’t Let Obamacare Implode

From Moms Rising ( As threatened, President Trump is trying his best to “let Obamacare implode.” Indeed, through deliberate acts of sabotage, the Trump administration is purposefully driving up health insurance premiums to undermine the Affordable Care Act (ACA/Obamacare)! President … Continued

Trump Administration Agrees to Continue Healthcare Subsidy for Now

David Lauter, Los Angeles Times The Trump administration, faced with increasing pressure from Republican members of Congress, backed away from causing an immediate crisis in healthcare marketplaces and agreed Wednesday to continue making payments to insurance companies that are widely viewed as critical … Continued

Advocates Say Trump Could End Health-Care Subsidies

Posted at August 1, 2017 – Andrea Sears, Public News Service (PA) Play Audio in Browser Window President Trump could unilaterally end subsidies for insurance purchased through the marketplace. (Sean Spicer/Wikimedia Commons) HARRISBURG, Pa. – Ending federal health-insurance subsidies … Continued

Kansas Legislature Passes Medicaid Expansion, Remaining States Should Too

Posted at Mar 30, 2017 By Jessica Gehr On Tuesday, the overwhelmingly Republican Kansas state Senate passed a bill by a 25 to 14 majority that would expand Medicaid coverage to over 150,000 people.  This bill had previously passed the House … Continued

Report Shows Big Losses for PA if Affordable Care Act Is Repealed

Posted at December 13, 2016 – Andrea Sears, Public News Service (PA) Play Audio in Browser Window An estimated 82 percent of those who would lose health coverage if the ACA is repealed are in working families. (James Gathany, … Continued

Four Reasons Why Consumers Will Find Affordable Health Insurance in the Marketplaces

Posted at By Families USA October 25, 2016 Editor’s note: With the press coverage and campaign rhetoric about increasing premiums in Affordable Care Act marketplace plans, we want you to see important facts, supplied by the health care experts at Families USA. Open … Continued

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