Tell Congress: We Need a Budget That Works for All

From the Coalition on Human Needs (

How we spend money says a lot about our nation’s priorities and it is vital to securing our future and our children’s future. We need a budget that not just keeps us safe and secures, but also provides opportunities and gives us all the chance to succeed.

As you’ve probably heard, President Trump has proposed a budget that would cut human needs to the bone.

We need your help to fight back. We’re aiming to collect 100,000 signatures in support of a fair budget. Please sign and share our petition at

We must reject the notion that we should take away funding from the policies and programs that are improving the lives of millions of vulnerable individuals and families.

Our budget should address the actual needs of our people. Our nation’s budget should prioritize job creation and guarantee the longevity of vital safety nets that millions of people rely on. That is why we are joining with a coalition of other groups to collect 100,000 signatures to tell Congress to support – not cut – human needs. Please have your organization join us in this effort by sharing this petition with your supporters.

Please join us. Sign the petition and share it with your network of supporters.

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