Tell Your Representative to Oppose Arctic Drilling in Tax Bill

From the Alaska Wilderness League (

There’s no easy way to put this. We lost the Senate tax bill vote and it hurts.

As the League’s online director, I wanted to thank you for making phone calls and sending emails to stop oil drills from rolling into one of the wildest national refuges on the planet, and I’m sorry it hasn’t panned out the way we wanted. Yet.

Talking to my 10-year-old about why I was sad she asked, “Can we write those people letters to tell them they shouldn’t hurt polar bears?” Because she, like I, wants to protect our Arctic Refuge, the preferred denning site for America’s polar bears.

And, like my girl, I am not going to give up. The tax scam has not passed yet. Twelve Republicans just signed a letter expressing concerns about the Refuge drilling provision. And, the more the American people see of the whole bill, the more trouble they will have passing it. Because it just stinks.

So I’m hoping you can take just a moment – less time than writing a letter – go to to make a phone call to urge your representative to vote against the tax plan scam to drill in the refuge.

We have a small time window to remove the Arctic Refuge drilling rider during the conference process. And, because this bill is wildly unpopular, many representatives will be feeling sensitive to your feedback. So please, raise a ruckus right now!

I know we’ve asked you many times already to make phone calls, and I have fielded your emails about how some inboxes are full, or it’s too much time to make a phone call. I feel it.

But this is a big one. We need you more than ever. Please call your local officials and urge them to vote against this tax scam to drill in the Arctic Refuge. It’s the scam of all scams and only our loud courageous voices can stop it.

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