Thank or Spank PA Representatives for Vote Stripping CFPB Authority Over Payday Lenders

From Americans for Financial Reform (

The House of Representatives voted to strip the CFPB of all authority over payday lenders.

The House Appropriations Bill includes language to eliminate the Consumer Bureau’s authority to enforce the law against payday lenders – Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) attempted to cut that language out and keep the cop on the beat with an amendment today.

Faced with the opportunity to protect Americans from payday lenders and their 400% interest rate loans, a majority in the U.S. House of Representatives instead chose to side with America’s legalized loan sharks and 221 members of Congress are on the record giving a free pass to payday lenders.

It was a simple up or down vote: vote yes and you support consumers and the rule of law, or vote no and allow payday lenders to break the law.

This comes just weeks before the Consumer Bureau is expected to release a new rule with protections for payday loan borrowers. Members of congress who serve their payday lending backers are expected to try to overturn this rule and keep families trapped in debt. Today serves as a dress rehearsal and we must let them know we are watching!

Please call your members today and express your thanks or disappointment. Find contact information for your Representative at NOTE: How they voted is indicated before each name on the Twitter handle list below.

Also, help us raise the visibility on social media:

  • Thanks MEMBERTWITTER for standing with your constituents and the rule of law today as the CFPB tries to #StopTheDebtTrap!
  • We’re disappointed to see you voted today to let payday lenders break the law  MEMBERTWITTER! #StopTheDebtTrap

The vote was mostly party line (see the full vote here).

Three Democrats voted to give payday lenders a free pass: Henry Cuellar of Texas, Alcee Hastings of Florida, and Collin Peterson of Minnesota;

Four Republicans voted in support of the rule of law: Coffman, Grothman, Jones, and Poliquin;

PA delegation Twitter handles:

  • Y-Bob Brady (PA-1): @RepBrady
  • Y-Dwight Evans (PA-2): @RepDwightEvans
  • N-Mike Kelly (PA-3): @MikeKellyPA
  • N-Scott Perry (PA-4): @RepScottPerry
  • N-Glenn Thompson (PA-5): @CongressmanGT
  • N-Ryan Costello (PA-6): @RepRyanCostello
  • N-Pat Meehan (PA-7): @RepMeehan
  • N-Brian Fitzpatrick (PA-8): @RepBrianFitz
  • N-Bill Shuster (PA-9): @RepBillShuster
  • N-Tom Marino (PA-10): @RepTomMarino
  • N-Lou Barletta (PA-11): @RepLouBarletta
  • N-Keith Rothfus (PA-12): @RepRothfus
  • Y-Brendan Boyle (PA-13): @CongBoyle
  • Y-Mike Doyle (PA-14): @USRepMikeDoyle
  • N-Charlie Dent (PA-15): @RepCharlieDent
  • N-Lloyd Smucker (PA-16): @RepSmucker
  • Y-Matt Cartwright (PA-17): @RepCartwright
  • N-Tim Murphy (PA-18): @RepTimMurphy

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