Lancaster Against Pipelines Activities—MLK Week

It was one year ago that 200+ residents braved the cold to gather at the Stand II in southern Lancaster County. We built a huge bonfire and burned copies of FERC’s absurd Final Environmental Impact Statement—the one that concluded the ASP would have a “less than significant” environmental impact on PA. We also launched our “Pledge to Resist” campaign, committing ourselves to Civil Disobedience to protect our families, land, and communities against massive corporate harms—harms given the full blessing of our own elected officials.

If you haven’t watched it already, be sure to check out LAP’s New Year video on our Facebook page for a recap of what we accomplished together in 2017!

And yet, our work is far from over. As the New Year begins, we’re already gearing up for more creative Mass Actions to protect what we love. Our resolution for 2018 is pretty simple: LAP is committed to resisting pipeline work in Lancaster County as long as active construction is taking pace.

In addition to Mass Actions, there are also two big events you don’t want to miss next week! Visit “Upcoming Events” on the Lancaster Against Pipelines website or Facebook page for more details:

[1] “Right to Be Heard Rally” on Monday, 1/15 @ 12pm, MLK Day

 Location: Binns Park, 120 North Queens Street, Lancaster, PA 17603

Join us for a rally to defeat a truly dangerous anti-free speech bill (SB754) now under review by the PA Senate. The bill’s lead sponsor, Sen. Scott Martin (R-Lancaster), is seeking to charge protesters for public safety costs at demonstrations. LAP is joined by the ACLU of PA, the Lancaster Chapter of the NAACP, Lancaster Stands Up, and other local groups in calling for our legislators to abandon this unconstitutional assault on the bedrock of our democracy. Bring your own creative, hand-made signs to defend Free Speech, the First Amendment, the Right to be Heard, and the basic democratic Right to Protest!
[2] Sisters in Federal Court with Transco/Williams on Friday, 1/19 @ 9am

Location: 19th Floor, US Third Circuit Court of Appeals, 601 Market Street, Philadelphia

Come hear Oral Arguments for the Adorers of the Blood of Christ, who regard the Earth as sacred, as they pursue their Religious Freedom challenge against Transco/Williams & FERC. The Sisters are challenging the use of eminent domain to install the Atlantic Sunrise export pipeline on their land in direct violation of their deeply held religious convictions. Let’s fill the courtroom during oral arguments, and then join the Sisters for a public press conference immediately following the proceedings.

We look forward to seeing you at these events—and standing beside you in future Mass Actions to defend our families, our communities, and the land that gives us life!

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