Tell Congress: No Tax Cuts that Help Wealthy People and Corporations at the Expense of Struggling Persons and Families

From People Demanding Action (

Washington has begun a historic―and disastrous―debate. Donald Trump and Republican leaders in Congress want to enact massive tax cuts that will mostly benefit millionaires and billionaires and wealthy corporations paid for by deep budget cuts to Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, education, SNAP and many more services working families rely on.

The FY2018 budget and tax reform will be voted on in September. The Republicans used healthcare to give tax breaks to rich and wealthy corporations and now they are taking two more shots using the budget and tax reform.

We are asking you to call your Representative about tax reform and send them an email about the FY2018 budget; we support The People’s Budget because it increases funding for public education, expands Social Security, creates jobs, protects the climate and provides a pathway out of poverty.

Paul Ryan and the House of Representatives plan to vote soon. It’s up to us to stop them.

Go to NOW to call your Representative and tell them to reject a budget and tax plan that cuts critical services for working families, while giving massive tax breaks to the rich and big corporations.

We won the healthcare debate because millions of people took action and made our voices heard. If we fail to stop this disastrous budget and tax plan, the cuts to critical services will be felt by our families and communities across the country.

Take one minute to call your Representative right now!

Your action today is part of a national effort, rallying everyday people to make positive change in Washington. Your direct action today is crucial to winning this fight.

You can also send an email to Congress at telling them that now is the time to Expand Social Security. It isn’t enough to say what we don’t want, now it’s time for us to lead and ask our House Members to vote Yes on The People’s Budget.

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